The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline, a program of Jannus, is committed to the prevention of suicide in Idaho.  The hotline provides crisis intervention, emotional support, resource referrals, linkages to local services, and follow-up for all Idahoans, including those at risk for suicide and their families and loved ones.  ISPH listens supportively to callers, empowering them to look at options and come up with their own solutions.

Hillcrest senior spreads HOPE, kindness

“We’re pretty much the missing link between kids that need the help and professional help,” Giles said.

The Hillcrest HOPE Squad was officially implemented in November 2017, with members being nominated by their peers as someone they would turn to. Giles said the school’s administrators, teachers and other students chose her as president and, although she loves being a leader, she was initially nervous about the position. Once she found out the HOPE Squad was meant to be more anonymous, Giles said she was less hesitant.

The organizations listed above are of great benefit to those in our Idaho community. The Speedy Foundation strives to provide an up-to-date list of local suicide prevention and mental health resources. Please reach out with additional resources that you've found beneficial or with feedback on these organizations: