Idaho Resilience Project

What must we do to create a resilient Idaho?

Our Focus Areas:

  1. Awareness and education

  2. Prevention and resiliency-focused strategies

  3. Healing and coping strategies

  4. Community support

To shape and create an environment in Idaho that allows all to thrive and be resilient in the face of adversity; engage individuals, organizations, leaders, and communities.

Network Map:

Click here to learn more about these project/policy/program initiatives. Please add your work to this network map.

Get Involved:

We are a group of private & public organizations who have come together to collaboratively work to address complex problems. Our collective impact work is in the emerging phase and we welcome others to get involved in the planning group. No one entity owns this process. We have come together under the guidance & facilitation of Spark! Strategic Solutions. The Speedy Foundation stands as an initial convener.

Idaho Resilience Project
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The Idaho Resilience Project What can/must we do to create a resilient Idaho? OUR FOCUS AREAS 1. Awareness an...

TSF holds a 501(h) election, allowing for a portion of our funding to go towards legislative lobbying activities.