The Mind Inside: Episode One

What does a #TraumaInformed school look like? How do #ACEs impact the world of education? Nebraska opens their school doors and shares a glimpse. Please watch this powerful 30 minute film, "The Mind Inside: Episode One."


“Everywhere we went for two years, schools were talking about the importance of mental health – from the need to the access of services, to the growing urgency of the issue,” Sally Nellson, director and executive producer shares. “We listened and started to explore.” 

The Mind Inside, an I Love Public Schools docuseries, explores the landscape of mental health issues in Nebraska schools. 

The initial episode lays the foundation for the series, establishing what life looks like in public schools today and how mental health impacts the classroom. At Millard North Middle School, the primary setting of the first episode, staff describe the whole host of problems students bring to school with them, from trauma to peer frustrations, anxiety and depression, and more.

Vignettes of students’ daily struggles are a key storytelling element used to establish the nuance of what students face. From the three featured students, viewers see how angry and disruptive outbursts, negligent and abusive households, and diagnosed mental health issues can influence life at school, not only for the students themselves but for classmates and teachers.