Amanda Lehto

I have had personal experience with mental health issues both with myself and my children. My expertise is in sharing my lived experience with individuals who need or want a positive view on the possibility of recovery with mental health and substance abuse. I too have a passion for working on my mental health issues and learning everyday from set backs I have had. It makes my recovery a priceless endeavor.

I was born and raised in Idaho where I raised my 3 children. I enjoys spending as much time as possible with my children, who are now grown and on their own.

My professional experience includes working for a managed care company traveling the state of Idaho teaching, talking and presenting on recovery and resilience. I presented a Recovery and Resilience presentation to 200 counselors, therapists and other mental health providers. This presentation was important in the development of Peer Support, fighting mental health stigma and showing that recovery is possible. I worked for 4 years developing and maintaining Peer Support throughout Idaho, giving presentations, appearing at recovery activities and speaking about stigma. I personally facilitated 10 of the 11 Mental Health First Aid trainings in rural locations throughout the state to help give resources and knowledge to underserved areas. The trainings were a part of a partnership with The Speedy Foundation.